HydraSolve - Gentle liposuction for Fat Transfers

HydraSolve® Overview

Mechanism of Action

The HydraSolve® difference is in its mechanism of action. Utilizing our proprietary Tissue Liquefaction Technology (TLT) and a specially designed cannula (hollow metal surgical tube), the HydraSolve® system eliminates the need for the forceful thrusting required in traditional fat harvesting procedures. HydraSolve® works more efficiently because it replaces cutting and shearing of fat tissue with liquefaction of fat tissue. In a HydraSolve® procedure, liquefaction occurs only to fat tissue; blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues are not liquefied.

Standard saline solution is warmed and pressurized to a low degree, then presented to the tissue in a stream of pulsed packets (boli).The thermal energy in the energized saline stream is not enough to burn tissue, and the mechanical energy used is not enough to cut tissue. The synergistic combination of low thermal energy and low mechanical energy disrupts bonding proteins that make fat cells connect to each other. When those proteins are disrupted, the fat cells separate from each other, and because a saline stream is constantly provided the fat tissue changes from a solid to a liquid.
Target fat tissue and non-target tissues are gently drawn into the interior of the cannula. The energized saline stream, which stays completely inside the cannula, gently impacts and interacts with this drawn-in fat and non-fat tissue.
Boli from the energized saline stream target ONLY fat tissue (because their energy is too low to liquefy the more rigid surrounding tissues), which is liquefied (from solid to liquid form) inside the cannula. Non-target tissue (connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves) is not changed or damaged.
With standard suction power, the liquefied fat moves freely through the cannula and tubing directly into a collection canister Non-fat tissue is not damaged and exits the cannula aperture (opening of the cannula), returning to its natural, anatomical location in the subcutaneous space.

HydraSolve® is designed to harvest fat for autologous transfer or contour the body by removing localized deposits of excess fat and is not intended to treat obesity. Fat harvesting is a surgical procedure that has risks similar to other minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries.