HydraSolve - Gentle liposuction for Fat Transfers

Mission And Values

Andrew Technologies, LLC, is a medical technology company incorporated in 2007 with a proprietary surgical innovation called Tissue Liquefaction Technology™ (TLT) which was first patented in 1997. The first product to utilize TLT was launched in 2003 by Alcon as the Aqualase Liquefaction Device® for cataract surgery. In 2012, the FDA cleared HydraSolve® Lipoplasty System, and Andrew Technologies commenced a pilot launch of that device to Plastic Surgery opinion leaders in 2013. One of the most important uses of HydraSolve® is fat transfer to reconstruct the breasts of patients who’ve been successfully treated for breast cancer. We are thrilled to bring this natural solution to women whose lives and dreams have been threatened and disrupted by cancer. In addition to HydraSolve, Andrew Technologies has an impressive research pipeline to include minimally invasive surgery to correct type 2 diabetes and adipose stem cell isolation. Andrew Technologies is committed to:

  • Improving patients’ lives through precision surgery
  • Helping surgeons achieve their surgical treatment goals
  • Serving the needs of our many audiences

For Patients

We strive to offer the latest surgical technology while seeking to improve patient outcomes, emphasizing respect and compassion for the needs of those whom our devices are intended to serve.

For Surgeons

We provide technology to offer surgeons precise control and accuracy to improve procedural efficiency.

For Investors

We utilize our resources wisely, diligently considering best alternatives for significant investment decisions.

For Employees

We foster an environment where independent, critical thinking is actively encouraged and rewarded and where honesty, respect, and integrity are daily requirements.

For Society at Large

We operate in a professional and science-based manner, guided by the most appropriate regulatory and ethical standards.