HydraSolve - Gentle liposuction for Fat Transfers
Fat Transfer Evolved!
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  • Selective Harvesting:

    minimizes damage to non-targeted connective tissue

  • Minimal processing:

    gravity separation and decantation to remove saline

  • Easeful Injecting:

    small cell clusters for improved flow characteristics

liposuction for surgeons
liposuction for patients

Derived from precision eye surgery, HydraSolve® utilizes warmed and low pressurized saline solution and a specially designed cannula employing Tissue Liquefaction Technology (TLT) to simultaneously liquefy and remove fat without damage to other vital tissues. The extracted fat is also useful for grafting in the same patient, for example to reconstruct breasts after mastectomy. HydraSolve® is designed to contour the body by removing localized deposits of excess fat and is not intended to treat obesity. Fat transfer and liposuction are surgical procedures that have risks similar to other minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries.